Islamic Appeal is an international humanitarian organisation which strives to alleviate the suffering of the needy.

  • We are inspired by the values of our faith, everyone has a right to shelter, food, clean water and education.

  • Our goal is to help create a better world for people in the long-term, although providing immediate relief is one of our priorities.

  • We want to find sustainable solutions whilst our donors are at the heart of our appeals. We want to show you as a donor, the impact you have made.

  • Islamic Appeal strives to ensure your donations are transparent and are efficient at reaching the people that really need it.

We commit to making every effort to ensure that people affected by conflict have access to at least the minimum requirements for life with dignity and security, including adequate water, sanitation, food, nutrition, shelter and healthcare.

Charity does not in any way decrease the wealth and the servant who forgives, Allah adds to his respect; and the one who shows humility, Allah elevates him in the estimation (of the people).

Abu Hurairah (r.a.) reporting on Prophet Muhammad ﷺ - Muslim Vol. 4, Hadith 6264


Our upmost goal is to deliver humanitarian aid and relief around the world to the people that need it the most


We are working tirelessly digging wells as Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said: “The best charity is giving water to drink”


Paying Zakat is not just an act of charity, it’s an act of worship. Your donation of Zakat will reach the most in need


With you Sadaqah donation we want to help communities in the long term, building homes, schools and hospitals

Countdown to #Ramadan2023

Please do donate generously during this blessed month. “Whoever relieves his brother of a hardship from the hardships of this world, Allah shall relieve him of a hardship from the hardships of the Day of Judgement. And whoever makes things easy for a person in difficulty, Allah will ease for him in this world and the Next. Allah is forever aiding a slave so long as he is in the aid of his brother.” – the Prophet Mohammed . May Allah bestow His kindness upon you and reward you for helping to relieve the hardship of our brothers and sisters.

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