The current situation in Myanmar of the Rohingya Muslims

Myanmar, also known as Burma, is facing a tough situation for its minority Muslim population named as Rohingya. The Rohingya Muslims are an ethnic community who had migrated to Myanmar in the 12th century and have been bearing the difficulties of being called as illegal immigrants by the government and its high-end officials. Till date, after so many years, the Rohingya Muslims have no place of their own to be called home. Some of them are fighting for their basic living rights in the country while some have lost their lives in the same path.

A lot of the Rohingya Muslims have migrated to Bangladesh by illegally crossing the border to save their lives from the unfair politics happening in Myanmar. That said, some of them have been reported to have migrated to Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand through seaports.

The current crisis

Currently, the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar are fighting for their basic rights which include education and job opportunities to mention the mains. These people have been declined some basic necessities of life such as proper living and eating. All of this happened after Myanmar celebrated its first independence in 1948 after which the government authorities declared them illegal. After the conflict started, around 1000 Rohingya Muslims have been killed recently that is just an estimated number calculated by the authorities.

The refugee camps

After the huge massacre taken place in Myanmar by the local military services, hundreds and thousands of Rohingya Muslims have escaped the region despite having a separate set of cultures and living in the region for years. The women and children have claimed to be gang-raped and tortured to death by the survivors in the refugee camps in Bangladesh. Although the refuges did not cross with the official permission, the government of Bangladesh is still trying to serve these people by forming camps and programs to provide the basic necessities such as tents and food.

Almost all the immigrants in the refugee camps have a horror story to tell about their past and loved ones who are either dead or lost while trying to escape the region.

The reality of the Rohingya refugee camps

The Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh are being immensely supported by all the Muslims countries who are also protesting for the rights of their fellow brothers. Also, the UN has lent a huge amount of money for the Rohingya Muslims present at the refugee camps until their permanent place of living is decided after the crisis end. The camps are said to be operated fairly who have visited for helping and reporting purposes.

However, the only thing that needs to be considered is that these people especially young children have witnessed a lot that is enough to damage their mental stability. Therefore, something must be done for the betterment of their souls and minds that have damaged due to the severe torture and unfair life experiences.


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