Why donating clean water is appreciated in Islam?

Access to clean water is still not possible or difficult in some countries. Clean water for drinking and using in the toilet is necessary for every human being as a healthy mind and body depend on it. Islam has always been the religion n of spreading love and kindness among everyone especially those in need. This is why more Muslims are beginning to realize their duties as a religious person by donating clean water to needy, which are still refrained from getting basic rights such as a clean drinking water facility.

The importance of clean water

Clean water has more benefits than anything else because people who cannot afford to eat survive by drinking from the available source of water. This is the main reason why diseases related to unhealthy drinking water are becoming common nowadays such as Diarrhea which can also result in death. Therefore, clean water is considered to be a generous act of kindness which allows more people to drink water that does not cause illness and poisonous effects.

  1. Clean water allows the body to function properly by maintaining stability in the liver and digestive system.
  2. Impure water increases toxins in the body which ultimately cause further health problems.
  3. Clean water helps in increasing the immunity with the right amount of minerals added to it.
  4. Clean water keeps you hydrated while impure water causes severe health issues such as asthma and food poisoning.
  5. Clean water is oxygenated and provides sufficient amount of nutrients for maintaining a healthy body.
  6. Impure water infects the kidneys which later cause severe health issues.

How is donating clean water a Sadqah Jariyah?

Sadqah Jariyah is an on-going charity that means that donating something that does benefit the needy for the time being but keeps on benefitting both the parties for the lifetime. Therefore, when you arrange something that involves building a permanent water cleaning system, it is definitely a Sadqah Jariyah for which you will be rewarded in this life and hereafter, whereas the people who will make use of that water cleaning system for the rest of their lives will be healthy and smart considering the intake of the right amount of nutrients and minerals.

Also, donating clean water to someone in need will not be overlooked by that person or people who have had a horrible experience of the impure water taking a toll on their health.

Facts and Figures

  1. The 3rd leading cause of child death due to diarrhea is impure water.
  2. Around 1 million people have died because of the impure water.
  3. 1 in 9 people does not have access to clean drinking water.
  4. Around 300 million women have to wait for hours just to get a couple of buckets of water for daily use.

Humans are those species who can live without food for one month but cannot survive without water after only 1 week. This is why there is a need for donating more for clean water supply for the poor and needy who have no option but to consume the impure water that causes severe illness.


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